1. mark2508's Avatar
    This is actually about problems on an HTC Sensation rather the the XL but it doesn't seem to be possible to create a thread under the appropriate forum as there is no option?

    The feature for archiving Viber messages to an email account does not work on this phone. It basically falls over with a rather unhelpful message "Viber has stopped" which is marginally better than a Java stack trace I suppose :-)

    In fact I have tested this on 6 different versions of Viber as they have been released. Reported it once early on to the Viber folks and got a special debug version which produced a dump file that I sent to them. Still no fix though. Latest advice was to wait for 3.0, that hasn't fixed it either. I verified that the archiving feature does work on my Samsung note 10.1 tablet though.

    Interestingly whilst we're on the subject, 3.0 seems to be really heavy in terms of resources. Maybe its because it is polling to see whether your contacts are currently online so it can provide an update. I personally don't find that facility that valuable where the cost is application performance that feels sluggish and bloated. Changing screens between a conversation thread and the list of contacts and back again is really slow. Viber used to be a nimble app that was a pleasure to use but now it seems to be clunky on the messaging side and I can't archive my existing conversations. Perhaps it's time to look for another texting tool, any suggestions?
    06-05-2013 11:41 PM
  2. pcaker's Avatar
    I may have same problem on my HTC Amaze. To forward (or archive) texts, I have been copying & pasting into new email, laborious, but works.

    If VIBER TEAM should read this:
    I am new to Viber. So far I have successfully exchanged texts with friend in Europe, and I generally like the app.
    One thing I would improve:
    When I type to compose a reply, I am only shown 3 lines of my new text at a time, sandwiched between the pop-up keyboard below and about 10 lines of previously received texts above. I don't find the 3 lines only display to be enough for convenient editing or getting the feel of my message. I find it too small and awkward. I recommend a minimum 5 line display of new reply message under composition, and reduced 8 lines of previously received texts above.
    09-15-2013 09:20 PM
  3. infieldg's Avatar
    +1 for the 3 line input, it's impossible to edit my msg before sending it and today I got so angry that I put it on my Asus TF701T thinking a 10" screen and 300dpi would help - my three lines of input are a tiny stain at the bottom of this enormous, empty screen
    01-21-2014 09:52 PM

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