1. tauqeer512's Avatar
    please help me to get rid of this problem i am facing this problem third time my phone stuck in bootloop just show htc logo and again reset with vibrate.
    unable to go to recovery unable to factory reset when try to go in recovery again stcuk at boot loop showing htc logo same at factory reset. but able to go in boot loader i install stock rom.. installed successfully but again stuck at bootloop..
    before this phone stuck at startup many time but automatically become normal after one or two days. now its stucked again at bootloop..
    is this problem can solve with j-tag or sme hardware problem i have tried another battery but same problem..
    09-05-2013 06:58 AM
  2. Atlas Mugs's Avatar
    HELP (part 2) I am also stuck in bootloop. My GN2 is stuck on the CyanogenMod logo...but even worse, I now can't turn *off* my phone! I can't reboot, I tried up vol/on button, down vol/on button, tried holding all 3 buttons at once, tried every variation; I can't hard reboot, I can't put it into bootloader. Zip, zilch, nada. I've even taken out the battery, but the minute I put it back in, up comes the swirling CM logo. I had a ton of stuff loaded onto the phone but right now I'd just be happy if it gave me a factory reset.

    I tried Odin (didn't work) and the GN2 Toolkit (didn't work because it kept asking for debugger mode, which I can't get to, because I can't access anything at all).

    I'm completely stumped. Every website I've been to says to put it into bootloader or do a hard reboot, which doesn't help. It done blowed up real good.

    Be gentle, I'm a complete noob. Only know enough to get myself into trouble, obviously. HELP.
    09-09-2013 06:22 PM

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