1. zipro's Avatar
    Sense Companion just turned itself on on mine. Not sure yet what it does, though 😁
    03-14-2017 03:07 PM
  2. bhatech's Avatar
    Yeah I got the update yesterday but decided not to use it since got to share all my personal info etc with HTC sense. I'm mean I'm already sharing everything with Google and assistant is present on this phone so no reason for me to share all the data with one more company like HTC. At least with Google the data I share will be somewhat useful since it's cross platform service but with HTC sense companion it's only with HTC devices. I don't know how I feel about this, for now I decided to give it a pass.

    Same with Samsung with their bixby service they will launch with S8. I'll stick with Google since I move between various devices and assistant will provide me more value.
    03-14-2017 04:32 PM
  3. zipro's Avatar
    Yeah, these are all valid arguments. I fail to see why each manufacturer has to come up with its own half-baked AI solution all of a sudden, considering that Google and Microsoft already have stuff that works extremely well. The same can't be said for Apple, but there third-party services aren't an option, either, so they get away with it :-)
    03-15-2017 01:41 AM

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