1. dwb3838's Avatar
    I have a mhl cable to connect my u11 to my TV I had to buy an adapter so it would connect to the type c connector on my U11 but it won't work just shows a blank screen . It worked with my HTC One m9. Thanks for any help.
    08-09-2017 07:30 AM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    according to HTC forums U11 doesn't support MHL but it supports type-c to hdmi. I don't know how to be honest.
    08-09-2017 08:31 AM
  3. nileshdd's Avatar
    I am not able to also cast photos to my Sony Android TV. It just shows a blank screen and disconnects.
    08-09-2017 09:59 AM
  4. dwb3838's Avatar
    that's how mine is with my 55 inch Hisense TV. I ordered a new cable with hdmi on 1 end and usb-c on the other damn this sucks I thought the adapters would work on it.
    08-09-2017 03:09 PM
  5. TazUk's Avatar
    Wouldn't using a Chromecast be easier?
    coronaboy10 likes this.
    08-11-2017 08:51 AM
  6. nileshdd's Avatar
    Chromecast is not working for me. shows blank screen and disconnects.
    08-11-2017 05:08 PM
  7. dwb3838's Avatar
    I got my cable and it works great. I read that the usb-c is not compatible with the mhl cables mine was the red cable that had 3 connections and my new is just usb-c to hdmi.
    08-13-2017 12:49 PM

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