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    With all the posting about horrible customer service from HTC for repairs, I thought I would mention that if you register on the HTC website to join Team HTC (I did), you will get a $25 credit for your birthday. With a teenage daughter who has her favorite headphones with small ear cushions (Usonic headphones are not comfortable for her), she found that the USB-C to 3.5 mm adaptor cable has developed some intermittent disconnections from cable bending. So, I just ordered 2 from HTC and they are free! They will arrive in 3-5 business days. Thanks, HTC, for the nice gift.
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    03-20-2018 09:18 PM
  2. Morty2264's Avatar
    Wow, what a great deal! Thank you so much for sharing!
    03-21-2018 05:19 PM

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