1. RayGee's Avatar
    About a month ago I noticed my phone (which I purchased directly from HTC in September) was powering down intermittently. Last week it was doing so on a regular basis. I contacted HTC Support last week and after several to restart using the three button method, it started.

    Support asked me to do a factory reset, but I wanted to verify I had a full backup. Last evening I did the reset and this morning it was stone cold DOA this time. Called support to discuss service options. Was told I had just the one option, to ship it back to HTC Repair with an estimated three week turnaround. That's just unacceptable for me and my own fault for not doing enough research. Never had any service issues before.

    As a loyal HTC customer (since the thunderbolt) I realized I made a mistake with this phone. I plan on starting my research for my next phone later today.

    Regards -----------------
    12-03-2018 11:16 AM
  2. Kenneth Wortley's Avatar
    I've just undergone a very painful ordeal - sent the phone in on 7 September; they of course said 3 weeks. It wasn't until 7 weeks later that they finally contacted me saying it would be $300 to repair a cracked screen. Then they said my Amex card was declined. Multiple times. It wasn't until after I got an Amex representative on another phone who confirmed that their system was never even attempted to be charged by HTC. The next lie by HTC was that they were having problems "processing" Amex charges. It took two more weeks for them to contact me to finally admit that they weren't processing payments for repairs with Amex, and they wanted me toi use another card. I use this phone for work and only have a corporate card with Amex, so my only other option was I offered to send a check. Consistent with their subterfuge and lies, they said they can't accept checks!

    Every request to speak to a senior representative was either denied or worse. One time I said I would hold, only to be hung up on! Another time I specifically asked that they call me back; a week later still no phone call.

    I was a loyal HTC customer going back to their first phone. No more. They clearly want to go out of business!
    12-12-2018 04:05 PM

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