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    So my issues seem to just be compounding upon themselves, I finally found the ruu, installed it was at hboot 1.57 unlocked bootloader, installed recovery, and used the wiretrick to get s-off, install the jbhoot went to 1.04 hboot, then I was gunna install a version of cm10 that requires that whole "make ur evo v 4g into an evo 3d" hack so installed that hboot, rebooted phone, got htc logo then black screen, got back into boot loader, cant do anything with sd in cuz it just wants to flash the hboot, so I take sd out, now fastboot wont work, neither wil the ruu, any advice?
    02-25-2013 10:49 PM
  2. adamhos's Avatar
    1) stock Rom will bootloop without 1.57

    2) remove pg86img from your sd card

    You either need to find a capable card reader or another phone that works with sd slot.

    Another option, is to remove battery, remove sd card
    Put battery back in, do not put the cover back on, and plug USB to pc
    Boot into bootloader, after the menu pops up remove battery (without disconnecting USB) and insert sd card and reinstall battery
    Now you can boot to recovery and toggle USB storage and delete via pc.

    Now you need to fix your bootloop problem

    Put harmonia or whatever cm10 you were gonna do on sd and flash away (after a full wipe of course)

    If you want to go back to stock you need the pg86img for 1.57

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    02-26-2013 05:12 AM
  3. Dustin Booher's Avatar
    GENIUS! why didn't I think of connecting the charger to remove the batt, that was a big issue I couldn't insert or remove sd without taking battery out, I feel dumb now lol TY!
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    02-26-2013 10:59 AM
  4. benny3's Avatar
    Now that you are s-off you flash which ever hboot you want thats for your phone...lol
    02-27-2013 12:56 PM

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