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    I just bought an SD episode of Adventure Time on Google Play TV shows, and now it's saying that playback is not supported on this device. It was working before on Gingerbread. What could be the problem?

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    09-28-2012 10:26 PM
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    It's been almost a week and still no answer, How do I fix this?
    10-04-2012 10:22 AM
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    10-04-2012 09:26 PM
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    Hi! I, for one, have no clue as to your issue...seems like no one else has any ideas either.

    Looks like other people might have the same issue...some of the comments on this website weren't too kind.

    Google Play Movies & TV for Android device

    10-05-2012 07:28 AM
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    I especially liked this one:

    " Reviewed by simon 12 hours ago

    If i see "There was a problem while playing [31]" error again I am going to have an anuerism. Seriously google, if this program had nuts I would double fist punch them. This program is so unreliable that I actually posted a review, something I have never been angered to the point of doing by any product I have ever used. If I actually pay for a movie, I expect it to play when I push the icon that says play, not for it to tell me there is a problem, its not a democracy that requires a vote, its a play button in a program that is supposed to play movies. FIX IT PLEASE!!!"

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    10-05-2012 01:10 PM

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