1. lakersfreak's Avatar
    Hey guys something strange keeps happening on my Vivid. I keep getting old emails back on my phone and I'm sure its wasting my data every month. It's strange I will have no emails and then next time I check I have 999+ emails and they're all old! How do I get rid of this so I'm not getting charged over and over again. I couldn't figure out what setting to change.
    10-25-2012 01:02 AM
  2. apoc53's Avatar
    Have you checked your data usage to be sure the emails are even re-downloading? It may just be a view setting that is getting reset.

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    10-25-2012 05:24 PM
  3. mikencis's Avatar
    Agreed with apoc53. Let us know if their actually downloading each time, if not their probably just stuck in a loop due to settings somewhere.

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    10-31-2012 07:09 PM
  4. OperationA7X's Avatar
    Had the same issue. The HTC Vivid will only download the maximum amount of emails set in the Mail app. So for example, if I remember correctly, default settings are 100 messages only (Meaning there can only be 100 emails in the inbox at any given time, excluding Sent, Outbox, Drafts, etc.), you would have to change it to all like I did. But it's best to do this in WiFi to conserve data. Every single email contained under your account will flood in, and all you have to do is delete it in the app and it will get deleted in your inbox on the PC, for example.
    10-31-2012 07:27 PM

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