10-11-2012 01:44 AM
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  1. xshad0wzx's Avatar
    Hey Simon, Have you read up on this flash , he claims it is fixed the camera and all [Unofficial Cyanogenmod 7.2.0-RC0-marvel-KANG]

    IF you have does it work ok with the VM phone? If it does,could u use parts of the code to achive what your after?

    I have wanted to try it but not sure if it would work as they say it does

    ive looked into that as well, but im almost positive since it only says "Marvel" and not "marvelc" (marvelc is the VM CDMA version, and the normal Marvel is the GSM version) that its only fully compatible with the GSM phones, although, they could have finished a full port to our phones and i just havent seen it yet, but im just going off of what i read about it about a week ago, hopefully this somewhat clears up your question
    02-28-2012 08:29 PM
  2. xshad0wzx's Avatar
    Doesn't matter. They never check more than if the phones in the package

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    hmm, that is defenitly interesting, i might have to consider doing that...

    also, about an hour ago i looked at the reviews of the WFS on virgin mobile's website, and suprisingly theres a TON of people on there having the same problem as me with the touchscreen, idk why i never decided to look there before (not that it helps me figure out what the problem is or how to fix it) but it is kind of nice knowing that its a quite well-known issue with the phone.

    anyway, i might end up trying to get a replacement phone, but im trying to decide whether its worth it or not, i mean, after the touch starts working, it runs exactly as it should. the main problem is trying to hang up a phone call, or trying to get to my voicemail. (having to put in the passcode when the screen wont respond) Lastnight i almost...and i mean alllmost threw it out the window on the highway when it wouldnt respond to any touch while trying to answer a important phone call, but i managed to keep my wits about me and spare its life...for now
    02-28-2012 08:36 PM
  3. blazer1155's Avatar
    Thank You for the Info
    02-28-2012 11:09 PM
  4. bluelight456's Avatar
    Just in case no one mentioned this yet (I didn't look through every page for obvious reasons) but htc has now released their own factory method to get s-off. You will still however have to root your phone, but 2fast's electrifypermroot works just fine for that. Simple. Easy.

    HTC's s-off guide It's a bit more hands on, but it works. also posted this on 2fasts thread

    Hope this helps. sidenote on htc's method, one step says you have to update software (select carrier and file blah blah) I'm using virgin mobile us, but on the list the 'virgin mobile' file didnt work, but the sprint VM file did. still have network access and everything.
    03-09-2012 10:10 PM
  5. megakid90's Avatar
    That is NOT S-off and doesn't have anywhere near the same amount of things full s-off has it only allows new roms root and custom recovery s-off let's you change splash screens flash h-boots and much more

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    03-10-2012 11:53 AM
  6. tsmallz2015's Avatar
    does the process work on windows xp
    03-15-2012 10:59 AM
  7. simonsimons34's Avatar
    Yes. All rooting can be done on windows xp and up. Same with HTCs unlock

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    03-20-2012 01:21 PM
  8. yoshikun1980's Avatar
    is simonsimons34 the only person who has ever successfully modded a VMUS Wildfire S? ... No disrespect intended, but I've followed his steps and succeded only in rooting the phone, none of the ROMs work... and This is the only article on the subject I can find, though I've found the same exact article, with the same exact mistakes on about 5 different websites...

    Anyone else at all?

    There have got to be some ROM downloads somewhere...
    04-01-2012 05:08 PM
  9. simonsimons34's Avatar
    I've been busy with school guys but I have awesome things to share.
    First is my Htc Unlock Utility- Unlock any HTC phone without voiding warranty and with the ability to relock
    Second is my Htc unlock Utility - has more features than meet the eye for the wildfires
    third- over on xda they completed cm9 for GSM wildfires. I look to do that for CDMA soon.
    Forth- Making lots of progress on cm7 (just dont have the time really)
    fifth- i now have paypal.

    If you like this, find it helpful, or want to support me please donate. Just follow these directions.
    1) Be Logged-In to PayPal
    2) Go to: https://www.paypal.com/sendmoney?ema...simons34.co.cc
    2a) If that didnt work and fill out the E-Mail please, use simon@simonsimons34.co.cc and select the way your sending as a GIFT
    3) Enter the amount you want to give, Select personal, and Gift
    4) Hit Continue and follow any of PayPal's Steps
    5) Make sure that if asked, the receiving user DOES NOT Have to be verified.
    04-10-2012 10:43 PM
  10. srich_1982's Avatar
    So I did the link 2SD part on my gf phone after rooting and s off and it still says there's only 39mb left in the memory after linking all her apps. Did I do something wrong?

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    04-16-2012 05:56 PM
  11. Greggori's Avatar
    achieved s-ff yet nothing else worked on my
    Virgin Mobile
    htc wildfire s
    android 2.3.4

    any help would be appreciated
    04-17-2012 11:55 PM
  12. siggrad1's Avatar
    Thanks sooooooo much! Easy to follow directions which took my useless garbage filled phone to a usable, worthwhile piece of technology. Having a bit of trouble with Mini tool Partition Wizard though. I can't seem to get the second partition to be recognized by Link2Sd. I'll work on it again tomorrow and post the outcome.

    Thanks again!
    05-06-2012 09:45 PM
  13. Tdaar's Avatar
    Hello all, I am having some troubles getting root on my phone. I got the goldcard/S-OFF without a problem. But cannot attain root. I am using the superonclick you have provided but it locks up on step 7 says waiting on device. I have searched this thread for countless hours trying different things i.e.. fastboot on/off htcsync service disabled.
    06-04-2012 05:37 AM
  14. ogfrier's Avatar
    you have to download a root.zip file and a pg76img.zip file or something like that. and plug your phone in disk drive mode and drag them to your sd card. then boot your phone into fastboot mode and it should start downloading the files you put in and eventually take you to recovery mode. then in recovery mode you go to install zip files from sd card, just find the root.zip file click it it will ask if youre sure then you say yes and after its all done YOU HAVE A ROOTED PHONE. i was looking for days trying to do this and finally did it this way.if you have troubles just pm me
    06-09-2012 10:26 AM
  15. Anitascorpion's Avatar
    The Link is not working to get the new ROM.

    Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire

    Please help to get this new ROM.
    10-11-2012 01:44 AM
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