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    This is for virgin mobile cdma marvelc phones only. I'm not responsible for you bricking your phone.

    I managed to mess up my ROM and was looking for a replacement. Forgiv did a nice job with a stripped down version. I used that but had some difficulty maximizing the internal space and SD space usage because the built in Link2SD file cannot be upgraded and the version on the ROM has some limitations (or maybe I was just using it wrong).

    So I decided to start fiddling. Here are two versions of the ROM for my HTC Wildfire S. Both versions are based on V3 of the ROM put together by Forgiv, all the details on that ROM are located HERE. Please note all credit for this ROM goes to Forgiv!!!! I just pulled out some apps and substituted the new ADWLauncher, he did all the heavy lifting!

    Note, if you have questions about the ROM or fixes it needs you should probably address them to Forgiv. I have very limited experience with ROMs, etc and won't be much help.

    Please be aware, the ROM from Forgiv does not seem to allow you to switch to USB Storage mode. Not an issue for me, I just pull the SD card and pop it in the laptop. Could be a show stopper for some.

    The first version of Forgiv's V3 file has been changed in two ways: 1) simply pull out the Link2SD file so that it can be downloaded directly from the Market in order to get the latest version; 2) Used ADWLauncher EX v1.3.3.56 which is a nice upgrade from the standard ADWLauncher in the original V3 file. Here is that file:

    Then I decided why not play a bit more and strip out other things that were not getting updated either. I realized that by doing that I could set up Link2SD first then download the additional apps and have them linked to the SD card. Three advantages to this approach: 1) More space savings, this version gave me 88Mb free at the start; 2) All these apps are getting linked over whereas before they would have stayed in the System of the ROM chewing up space; 3) I can upgrade these apps now.

    This version also uses ADWLauncher EX v1.3.3.56. I pulled the following apps:

    • Link2SD
    • Calculator
    • Messages
    • Superuser
    • Music
    • Browser
    Note to setup Link2SD on this ROM you need to download Superuser first and install it or Link2SD will not be able to write the new scripts it needs.

    The huge plus to this approach is that I now have 64 apps downloaded and still have 69.6Mb free on my internal storage. A tip that worked well for me. After loading the new ROM you'll have to go through the setup again to enter your google account etc. I chose NOT to have Google restore from my previous config. The advantage is that the phone didn't start trying to download a bunch of stuff before I got Superuser and Link2SD downloaded and installed. This allowed me to set up Link2SD to auto link everything so when apps were installed it was nice and clean. It was a pain because I had to go through the market and repick the stuff to download. The good part about that was that I got to evaluate previous downloads and not just recram the device with all the apps I had previously downloaded. There were several apps I didn't need.

    Here is the stripped ROM:

    Remember, you have to download the files I stripped out from the Market. Here are the apps I chose to replace the orginal ones in Forgiv's V3 file:

    Final note, how did a newbie figure out how to pull out apps and get the zip resigned you may ask? Here is a great link that gives you all you need to know: ROM INFO

    Lots of stuff in that link. It is definitely worth reading it all. The bottom line is if you're just trying to pull out apps and put new ones in read Section 1 and Sections 5) G, H, I.
    04-04-2012 12:52 PM