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    I have had my HTC Wildfire S for about three weeks now. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love HTC phones in general but I am having mega memory problems with this phone. I have only been able to download 16 apps and out of those 5 have made it to my 8gb SD card., which I have over 7gb of storage left on. Currently, my phone states I have 7.52mb of space left. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what is eating all the memory. Several times a day, I clear data, history, and caches and I still do not gain much more space than that 7.52mb. I do have App2SD and App Cache Cleaner installed. I have not been able to install anymore apps then the 16 I have installed nor any updates, which I guess it states I have 7 updates to install. I constantly get messages that I have low space and have to run the low space wizard thing. I wish to be very thorough so someone can help me out because it is not like I have deep pockets and can run right out and buy a new phone like other people can and I am also a first time Android user:

    Accounts & Sync 0.0B
    Adobe Reader 884KB
    Android Live Wallpapers 0.00B
    Android System 0.0B
    App Cache Clearner 372KB
    App Sharing 0.00B
    Barcode Scanner 372KB
    Bluetooth Share 0.00B
    Boat Browser 1.66MB
    Calculator 0.00B
    Calender 12.00KB
    Calender Storage 716KB
    Calender Widget 0.00B
    Camera 4.00KB
    Certificate Installer 0.00B
    Clock 92.00KB
    Clock Widget 0.00B
    com.htc 0.00B
    com.htc.demoflopackein (i can't see the rest) 0.00B
    com.htc.provider.settings 36.00KB
    Connect to PC 0.00B
    Contacts Storage 10.73MB
    CSPeopleSyncService 264KB
    Customization Settings Provider 188KB
    Customization Setup 144KB
    DCS Utility Component 0.00B
    Detail 20.00KB
    Dialer 4.00KB
    Dialer Storage 1.46MB
    Download Manager 0.00B
    Downloads (from Virgin Mobile) 84.00K
    Downloads 0.00B
    DRM Protected Content Storage 116KB
    EPST 592KB
    Facebook 23.48MB
    Facebook for HTC Sense 28.KB
    Flashlite Plugin 0.00B
    Fresh Network FREE 196KB
    Gallery 1.71MB
    Gmail 2.04MB
    Google Backup Transport 84.00KB
    Google Calender Sync 236KB
    Google Contacts Sync 276KB
    Google Partner Setup 224KB
    Google Play Services 2.99MB
    Google Play store 9.05MB
    Google Search 420KB
    Google Services Framework 1.91MB
    Home screen tips 0.00B
    HTC Checkin Service 1.16MB
    HTC DM Command Service 0.00B
    HTC FTP Test 84.00KB
    HTC Function Test Program 0.00
    HTC Hub 0.00B
    HTC Hub Sync Provider 592KB
    HTC Internal Setting Content 1.04MB
    HTC Likes 1.37MB
    HTC Likes Widget 0.00B
    HTC Location Service 4.00KB
    HTC HTC Lock Screen 0.00B
    HTC Media Uploader 68.00KB
    HTC Message Uploader 4.00KB
    HTC Report Agent 16.00KB
    HTC Sense 232KB
    HTC Sense 2.45MB
    HTC weather sync provider 1.04MB
    HTC weather wallpaper 0.00B
    HtcSprinterService 0.00 0.00B
    HTML Viewer 0.00B
    Instagram 3.7MB
    Jewels Star 436KB
    Lit 1.43MB
    Live Wallpaper Picker 0.00B
    Location Picker 0.00B
    Low Storage Wizard 4.00KB
    Mail 4.53MB
    Mail Widget 0.00B
    Map Quest 2.73MB
    MarkedItems 44.00KB
    Market Feedback Agent 4.00KB
    Media Storage 232KB
    MessageCS 1.06MB
    Messages 2.11MB
    MessagesWidget 0.00B
    Music Widget 0.00B
    My Account (Virgin Mobile) 4.00KB
    My Downloads Provider 140KB
    My Uploads 184KB
    Network Location 236KB
    Open Sense Plugin Manager 1.16MB
    Out of Milk 1.55MB
    Package Access Helper 0.00MB
    Pandora 4.82MB
    People 3.55MB
    People Widget 0.00B
    Phone 1.64MB
    Photo Wiget 0.00B
    Pico TTS 0.00B
    Plugin Sample 0.00B
    Profile Widget 0.00B
    Programming 0.00B
    Quick Lookup 0.00B
    ResetNotify 4.00KB
    RestartApp 0.00B
    Rosie Utility 0.00B
    Search Applications Provider 0,00B
    Setting 466KB
    Setting Storage 1.08MB
    Setting widget 0.00B
    Setup 0.00B
    Setup Wizard 88.00KB
    SimpleMoonPhaseWidget 556KB
    Skin Picker 664KB
    SkinScanner 308KB
    Smartcard Service 0.00KB
    Sound Set .95MB
    SSA (Virgin Mobile) 48.00KB
    Status Bar 4.00KB
    Streaming Media Player 0.00B
    Street View 548KB
    Superuser 900KB
    Swype 316KB
    Sync widget 0.00B
    Talk 464KB
    Tell HTC 0.00KB
    Touch Input 80.00KB
    Transfer 1.18MB
    TTS Service
    TweetCaster 4.24MB
    Updater 44.00KB
    Upgrade Storage 0.00B
    User Dictionary 4.00KB
    Voice Dialer 0.00B
    Voice Recorder 0.00B
    Voice Search 4.56MB
    VPN Services 0.00B
    Weather 0.00B
    Weather Agent Service 0.00B
    Weather Provider
    Weather Widget 0.00B
    Wi-Fi Hotspot 0.00B
    WordPress .95MB
    Words Free 3.71MB

    The things that are currently running are:
    Settings 1 process and 0 services 15mb
    Words Free 1 process and 1 service 34mb
    Google Services 1 process and 2 services 6.3mb
    Calender 1 process and 1 service 6.1mb
    Calender 1 process and 1 service 6.1mb
    Skin Picker 0 process and 1 service 2.3mb
    HTC Sense 1 process and 1 service 3.9mb
    Facebook 1 process and 1 service 17mb
    CSPeopleSyncService 2.8mb
    Touch Input 1 process and 1 service 14mb

    Idk if my phone is rooted or not. This is my first android and smartphone. I am not a very tech-savvy person. But I do know that I have plenty of room on my card for more apps despite the garbage my phone is stating it has low memory and I know this phone is notorious for having low memory. How can I go about getting rid of useless programs? I cannot even use the preloaded Google browser. I type in something in the search box and it doesn't go anywhere and that is why I installed the Boat Browser. And the Flashlite Plugin? I don't even see where to access it so why should I even have it then and let it take up precious spacious? I even did a factory reboot, thinking that it might help. It did, for like, 5 minutes, I had 27mb of space and then within minutes, I was getting that low memory warning. Something or somethings is really eating my memory up and quickly. I don't think it is fair that I can only be limited to install a certain number of apps when I have such a nice little phone. It is like they want to push me even further down into poverty and force me to buy a $700 phone with 64gb with money I don't have. It really isn't fair. Or right. It is like a marketing scam or some rot like that. I even had to uninistall iHeart radio which I love so dearly and know I am stuck with Pandora that I don't really like. Other than the apps on my SD card, I have 21 photos and 5 ringtones. That's it. I have posted this other places too and not a soul has answered this. It is like a big state secret or something so I hope someone here will take the time to answer this and help me please. I'd be so very grateful and appreciative. Thank you and have a great day.
    10-23-2012 12:15 PM
  2. jxc011's Avatar
    This is a great phone. After rooting (an easy process) and unlocking bootloader( a tedious process) I have a gig of space for apps by partitioning my sdcard and using data2sd zip. I have also used dark tremors app2sd which moves all my apps and dalvik cache to sdcard. No low memory problems at all. There's pretty good support for this phone on xda. Good luck

    Sent from my LG-VM670 using Android Central Forums
    11-27-2012 03:27 PM
  3. bokoxthexchocobo's Avatar
    After some great effort, was finally able to get data2sd to work with cm9. Haven't had any low internal storage space problems since.
    I tried S2E as well, but seemed to lag more.
    11-27-2012 04:12 PM

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