1. DragonFire91's Avatar
    I'm trying to buy the extended battery/door (3500mAh if possible) combo for my HTC Wildfire S, but I keep finding HTC Wildfire S G13 . I was wondering if it was compatible with my phone and if not could someone post a link with the battery and door combo?
    12-23-2012 04:18 PM
  2. timchapman16's Avatar
    I used Amazon to order the following battery: High Capacity 3500mAh Battery for HTC Wildfire S A510E G13 fits BA S540 BD29100 35H00154-01M 35H00154-04M 35H00154-06M 35H00154-07M - Extended Capacity.

    Product Description: A replacement mobile phone battery for HTC Wildfire S produced by Lavolta. The battery is made using high-quality Li-ion cells for optimum performance, it is rechargeable and has no memory effect. The Lavolta battery for HTC Wildfire S is perfect for long trips away from your charger, or in cases of emergency - you will never be left without power when you need it. The extended capacity allows the battery to last for up to 110 hours in standby mode, or nearly three days with heavy usage of Android apps - that has been tested. Please note that this battery is thicker than the original one since it has extended cells to hold the charge for longer. A back cover comes with the battery to secure it on the phone. It fits perfectly well and does not obscure the camera or connector. The shape of the cover allows the phone to stand up on its side which makes it ideal for watching videos.

    Initial cover supplied with battery didn't fit properly but supplier quickly dispatched a replacement which is fine. Now have 2 batteries. I haven't yet been able to drain the battery in 1 day even playing music via bluetooth headset & playing games.
    01-03-2013 10:29 AM
  3. jxc011's Avatar
    Try eBay app. Got em cheap.

    Sent from my PG86100 using Android Central Forums
    02-03-2013 10:49 AM

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