1. hristox's Avatar
    I suppose my Huwaei Ascend G620S had some battery related problem, but not sure: when I try to turn it on, it goes randomly in one of the following 2 states (A or B):

    A) - Huwaei logo appears
    - then rapidly the message "boot image verify failed - Please update to the authorised images"
    - finally get stuck into "fastboot&rescue mode - Please connect USB cable to your computer and open Hisuite - more information: [URL] - PHONE LOCKED

    B) - the screen does not turn on, and the notification LED loops red > green > blue

    My goal is simply retrieve the Notes saved in the Huwaei notes app, not necessarily having the phone full working again. The most obvious to me solution is to have it working and then from the Notes app sharing all of them to Google Keep. But if you have any suggestions on how to get them otherwise, great!

    Obviously any solution that delete the data before restoring is not for me at this point if I want to get the notes * : )

    What I already tried with no success:
    - restarting the device by pressing Volume + and Power button
    - unplug battery and replug it
    - connect the phone to HiSuite either on Windows and Mac, but the phone did not have any particular USB option or Developer tool activated before it got in this state, so it is not seen by HiSuite
    - using ADB from Mac, but it neither see the phone when I try to list devices
    - I have the unlock CODE, but don't know what to do with it in this condition

    Ask me any question, I'm here to answer!
    And thank you very much!

    * : )

    03-06-2018 09:17 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    This is why you'll see a lot of people (I;m one of them) advocating leaving the bootloader unlocked. Your phone is hard-bricked. (It's possible that someone with a JTAG device could copy off various files, but that's an expensive service - and unless you have some really important notes, it's probably not worth it. Even flashing the firmware, assuming that it can be done on a Huawei without overwriting user data, would be expensive.)

    (The unlock code, if you mean the screen unlock, is only good if the phone is working.)
    03-08-2018 01:50 PM

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