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    Huawei Mate 7
    Model: MT7-L09
    Android Version: 4.4.2
    EMUI: 3.0

    I've got small little niggle with the thing that recently started sticking it's head out and i can't seem to find anyway of resolving it yet.

    MyDataManager shows that "Phone Manager" is using around 2-15mb of data a day. Now i've found the settings "Network Apps" where you can restrict applications from using mobile and or wifi but Phone Manager is the one app that doesn't show up on that list not even under "System Apps"

    I've enabled the Global Restrict Background Data usage but that only brought it down to between 1-2mb per day and then today it's back up to 10mb.

    Global also has the side effect of all my whatsapp etc messages only comes through when i unlock my phone screen so i sometimes miss rather important messages if i don't check my phone every 5min.

    What really get's me also is if i check the built in traffic monitoring app it doesn't even show Phone Manager using any data.

    I've used the phones update function but according to it there is no updates for this device yet (could be my Service Provider also that hasn't released the update yet they are a bit lack luster with that) I did some digging and found updates

    Mate 7

    After-sales Support for Huawei Mate 7 - Newbie Guide, Simulator, Manuals, Topics

    Should i maybe try loading those updates and check if the problem resolves itself?

    Other wise any ideas on how i can get the Phone Manager to stop killing my mobile data?

    Thanx for the Time.
    03-13-2017 01:55 AM