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    guys ,im seriously in problem right now ..i had my HUAWEI G8 to be root ..im not using any software ,im rooting it by myself while watching a tutorial in youtube by this link youtube.com/watch?v=Ev9Y9P27HgA ..at first ,everything went smooth untill at the end phase when the tutorial said to swipe (Dalvik cache) *and there is no choice such as dalvik cache at that moment ..the choice are 1.reboot system 2.swipe reset factory 3.swipe partition ..and i miss clicked at the third option ,then my phone reboot at the same screen where there are only this three option and this thing keeps repeating when i retart my phone..ive tried all 3 option but neither one have impact ..im begging if anyone know how to undo or anything ,please reply this question ..im begging
    05-28-2017 05:34 PM

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