1. Bass Boy's Avatar
    Hi! So I'm currently in the market for a new smartphone and I'm looking at the Huawei mate 10 Pro, but I've got a few questions.

    1.) How bad is the software on it? I do favour stock android over EMUI but I can just stick Nova Launcher on it, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad? And how easy/hard is it to delete the pre-installed apps?
    2.) This is going to sound really lame but I'm wondering if Snapchat works well on the Huawei mate 10 Pro because I've heard that the video quality on Snapchat on Android phones is really bad, as well as picture quality but I'm wondering if that's the case. I'm only asking because I'm starting university this September and this will be a big factor.
    3.) And how's the overall performance of the device? I'd be having it for 2 years so I'm looking for a really reliable phone.

    Thanks guys!
    05-16-2018 02:17 PM
  2. krishnansasikumar's Avatar
    It's a good phone to get for sure. Few points on your questions

    1. I've used a lot of phones over the last 1 year - Nexus 6, iphone (6s,7,8+) OnePlus 3T, Samsung S8, Note 8, Essential PH-1 and Mate10 Pro. The software is pretty decent and not overwhelming. It doesn't bog down the phone. Has a lot of useful stuff compared to Pixel Android version. Updates aren't immediate and is more at par with other non-Google or Essential manufacturers

    I use Nova and Microsoft launchers, and no complaints.

    2. I don't use snapchat.

    3. Performance is great. Never faced a stutter or crash as yet. I'm very happy with the phone. With the pace of advances in smartphone tech haven't slowed down considerably, this phone can serve you well for 2 years.

    If you can get your hands on a demo piece, feel it before you plunge in.
    05-16-2018 03:09 PM
  3. Gdwheel's Avatar
    I would say that it is a good device and I like mine. You need to know, going in, that you are probably going to have to work with it more than other phones to get it set up and functioning the way you want it to function. That is, unless you are not too particular about how your device operates. I have used way more phones than I care to mention and have several now, and I like to have consistency in the way they function and handle what I throw at them. The Mate 10 Pro is fine, but it took more time than any other phone to set it up where everything works the way I like things to work. Once you learn how to handle the battery optimization, odd functionality of the AOD and notifications and other quirks, you can get it where you want it, but you have to be prepared to mess with it. Out of the box, it could be frustrating.

    I do not use Snapchat, either, so I cannot comment on it. Sorry.

    I have found performance to be very good. It is fast.

    Huawei is not, in my opinion, very good with updates. The Google and Essential phones, and probably OnePlus, will be far ahead of Huawei and Samsung will push out the security updates faster than Huawei. Huawei beats LG, Sony and many of the others, but they are not good at all.
    05-16-2018 03:21 PM
  4. br77494's Avatar
    If you haven't purchased your new phone yet, you might check the price for the Mate 10 Pro on Amazon now. $549. That's a GREAT deal! It's been released now in the US for less than 6 months. And has come way off it's original price of $799.
    Today 05:15 PM

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