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    I purchased the official Huawei smart cover which I like and want to keep but the always on display vanishes after around 10 seconds when the cover is closed which doesnt make a lot of sense.

    I've also seen many comments elsewhere regarding the same issue.

    Smart Assistance > Smart Cover > ON
    Always on display > ON

    Am I missing something in the settings?

    Mate P20 Pro, UK model.
    02-10-2019 11:38 AM
  2. JazzJPH's Avatar

    Is your phone the Mate 20 Pro or the P20 Pro?

    On my Mate 20 Pro I have the smart cover and there are no options for the smart cover to have always on display, just "use display window" and "show step count".

    If you have selected activated the "always on display" option then I would think the smart cover settings override that. It seems the phone itself will have a display when in standby without the cover, but as soon as it detects the magnet in the cover it will move to a different configuration.
    02-12-2019 03:11 AM
  3. Old Duffer's Avatar
    Hi, my error, it's the Mate 20 Pro like yours.

    The Always on display function is a separate setting- Settings > Display- looking for something else > Always on display. I also have those settings for 'use display window' and 'show step count'.

    I've tried every combination and agree with you that the cover puts the display to sleep regardless so I've found another case with a window which has a larger slot at the top so it doesnt cover the photocell on the right of the speaker and has a magnetic strap instead of some kind of magnetic film in the front cover. Hopefully arriving today.

    I just dont understand the logic of providing a case with a display window and not being able to keep the display always on in the same way as without the cover.

    Thanks for your reply, good to know that I'm not missing something else in the settings.
    02-12-2019 05:44 AM
  4. Old Duffer's Avatar
    Well the new cover didnt solve the problem but I've noticed that the holes that are supposed to line up with the light sensor and earphone (and speaker?) on the top of the screen dont line up, they are about 1/8th inch too high, and when I hold the cover downwards the screen display lights up although very dim.

    I'm beginning to wonder if these cases are made for the screen which had a green bleed and was replaced later and maybe that original screen allowed light through to the sensor higher up.

    I'm going to butcher a case to try and find what's happeneing ...
    02-12-2019 01:28 PM

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