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    I noticed that taking a selfie I had to press very hard on the button. Voice seems to work okay but only if in addition to say cheese I used take photo when voice reached a certain level. Say cheese wouldn't work in selfie mode for me and was hit and miss in rear camera. Maybe I need an Asian accent . It would have been nice if you could set your own audio word and sound level.

    For selfies it seems best way is to have smiles enabled.

    Anybody use the burst mode? This seems to work exceptionally well Holding for about 3-4 seconds you get about 30+ images.

    So far quite impressed with this camera. Huawei cameras are always superb. My wife's Honor 6x and my Honor 8 both sub $200 cameras also took excellent photos not on a
    par with the mate pro or other top line phones but easily as good as mid range priced phones costing over $500.

    Can someone explain what mirror image is for in selfie mode?
    02-21-2019 10:35 AM
  2. JZ VR's Avatar
    Mirror image is changing the orientation of the saved photo, for most phones selfies photos are reversed compared to the preview screen this gives you the option to have them be the same. You can also press the volume up button to take a photo instead of the shutter.
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    02-22-2019 03:25 AM

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