1. K22MDL's Avatar
    Before you think I have more money than sense, you're probably right but no other phone that I am aware of offers all that the Porsche variant of the Mate9 does.

    It's good no question but after an afternoon of playing around/setting it up these are the quirks I've found so far:

    1. The way it handles the 2 SIM cards is odd. Samsung & HP have this licked and on first using the Mate 9 I kept seeing a recording logo in the top left of the display. I thought (incorrectly) it was an O2 recording. It wasn't - it was Sim no. 2 - on EE. How the hell so you get the message? There is no way of toggling between the Sims. I found a way, turn off making one sim or another being a default. That way you can (if you have bionic eye balls) see which SIM has a voice message waiting and select sim 1 or 2 accordingly to dial 901. Check out how simple (and obvious) it is on a Samsung Dual SIM Note 5 for example.

    2. The auto-brightness just doesn't work. It jumps up and down like a yo-yo and scrolls right back to minimum brightness in a low lit room. It is far too aggressive.

    3. Call Recorder Pro doesn't work. I'm hoping its a Nougat thing as the m9 is running Android 7. Let's hope so.

    4. Total finger magnet. I hate black phones but there is no choice with the Porsche Design version.

    6. The flimsy cheap looking case is poor. And because the PD Mate9 is relatively unique, there is no choice for others bar a Tonka-toy looking one from EBay/Mobile Fun if you want to pay quadruple from the latter supplier.

    Is it otherwise good? So far yes superb, but totally overpriced and lacking in wireless charging....
    12-13-2016 04:29 PM
  2. charmz2k2's Avatar
    I completely agree...
    I purchased one yday.. Went out to buy either a Galaxy s7 edge or Google pixel but 3 central London shops turned me away because they were saving their stock for contracts rather than sim free...
    I had been in touch with the Porsche Design store a few weeks before and decided to have a look there.
    The manager remembered me from our emails...
    He showed the handset off and explained everything about it and I preferred it to the other phones...
    It's also about the service...
    Phone is AMAZING and so far I can't fault it.. Ok expensive but so is the Google pixel on or off contract.
    I had a note 7 and samsungs service left a bad taste in my mouth with the way their customer service treated me so I'm very happy I decided to buy this
    12-29-2016 09:52 AM
  3. solidzebra's Avatar
    I was tempted by the specs, and as a Pcar owner it would have been nice, but I decided to go for a 6GB/128GB white Mate 9 at half the price of the P phone. Half the memory but it should be adequate for my needs. Having said that, the P version looks awesome...enjoy.
    01-02-2017 03:08 PM

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