1. B3nb123's Avatar
    I've just bought a Huawei Mate 9. I set up Do not disturb to switch on in the evening, and the icon appears, but the phone still makes sounds! None of the volumes are muted.
    Anyone else find this? Thanks
    01-18-2017 04:05 PM
  2. pinkvikchick's Avatar
    ONLY on the facebook messenger notifications. But all else is muted.
    01-18-2017 04:16 PM
  3. rimz808's Avatar
    I had thought my DND kicked in during the night, but at 5am i started to hear my notification tone start. After checking, I had noticed that my DND didn't kick in after all.

    Before going to bed I make sure it is now turned on. Haven't had the notification tones wake me up again in the middle of the night.

    Will let you know if my notifications come on again
    01-18-2017 04:37 PM
  4. NeilMex's Avatar
    No issues here. I've not tried the scheduled dnd mode yet though.
    01-18-2017 06:29 PM
  5. emiliojusima's Avatar
    Try an app for do not disturb.
    03-01-2017 12:57 PM
  6. B3nb123's Avatar
    I actually installed Llama and set it to switch silent mode for me. I never thought of a simpler app just to enable do not disturb!
    03-02-2017 04:22 AM
  7. emiliojusima's Avatar
    Try Bizi App
    03-06-2017 09:52 AM
  8. B3nb123's Avatar
    Sorry, couldn't find that one?
    03-06-2017 09:57 AM

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