1. Baz S's Avatar
    Here are a few videos of journalists actually getting up close and personal with the Huawei Mate X.
    Its a beautiful device and a definite nod to the near future of phones.

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    02-27-2019 05:42 AM
  2. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
    I am loving how Huawei are letting people get hands-on experience with the device and not putting it behind a glass case or making crappy videos with an actor using it.

    This phone is a true future Foldable device, it combines the large near bezel less 6.6inch display with a proper 8inch tablet display, WITH NO NOTCH! Great job at first time round Huawei. I think the Samsung Galaxy Fold looks like a chubby and clunky Beta reject compared to this, honestly.

    Also, the Mate X has a protective case already
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    02-27-2019 02:30 PM
  3. Baz S's Avatar
    Here is a more recent one. Beautiful device indeed.

    03-09-2019 10:29 AM
  4. Baz S's Avatar
    This video has a good comparison with other current phones. It's not English but you can easily see what is being shown. Actually it's alot of non English tech journalists that are getting real hands on with the Mate X.
    03-13-2019 05:12 PM
  5. Baz S's Avatar
    Three more bonus vids.

    03-13-2019 05:21 PM
  6. alukard's Avatar
    A first "review" of the Mate X. Of course noting that it a pre-release, pre-production unit. Honestly the guy doesn't do a good job showing it off, just alot of talking, but its a good closer look.

    03-16-2019 04:44 AM
  7. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
    I got hands on with the Mate X.

    Great device, it felt hefty yet solid.
    The crease does indeed exist but it's not that obvious when swiping on the display.

    Overall, I was very impressed with it definitely not a device you want to drop

    Ps. No idea what is going on between Tapatalk and this forum but you have to click each Pic nw, very strange, even when I edit it still loads with the resolution in front of IMG
    03-27-2019 03:10 PM
  8. Baz S's Avatar
    That's awesome. Where you invited or are they running demo sessions for people?

    I feel until they develop a harder material but foldable, the manageable way to protect these would be a screen protector or case.
    I am happy to live with that in exchange for having such new cool tech. The future is literally in our hands.
    03-28-2019 04:11 AM

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