1. szcsongor's Avatar
    I'm looking for a new tablet (my old 1st gen. Nexus 7 is completely useless now with its meager 1 GB RAM and slow CPU...) and thinking about buying a Mediapad M3. But can't decide if I should go for the M3 8.4 inch or the new Lite 10.1 inch.
    Both have almost the same price, so I know there are pros and cons to the Lite one:
    Bigger screen, but lower res. (much lower PPI value)
    Plastic back cover, instead of metal
    Mediocre CPU with ****ty GPU and only 3 GB RAM

    But I would use it for internet browsing and e-book / magazine reading mostly, this is why I am thinking about going for the bigger screen. For games I have other options in the 5 to 55 inch screen size region
    As I see the 10 inch tablets are generally expensive, so the price of this one is tempting.

    Would like to hear others opinion though about it if it's a good deal or one should avoid it.
    06-12-2017 04:43 AM
  2. ClintRo's Avatar
    If you really liked the Nexus 7 the 8 inch version is a better fit. IMO
    06-12-2017 01:28 PM
  3. dc52ltr's Avatar
    Used to have a Samsung Note 10.1 before my M3.....M3 wipes the floor with it,nuff said.
    06-12-2017 07:40 PM
  4. jhilker's Avatar
    I'd have to agree. I had both 1st and 2nd Feb Nexus 7s, and this is a much nicer feel in my hand. My wife has a 10" iPad, and it just feels too big for me. This works much better for reading books.
    07-06-2017 11:54 PM
  5. LuvMusic's Avatar
    If you really liked the Nexus 7 the 8 inch version is a better fit. IMO
    This is my experience also. Just retired my 2nd gen Nexus 7 and the MediaPad 3 is proving itself to be an excellent replacement and upgrade. Did take me about an hour to figure out EMUI but once I got over than hurdle, all is well.

    Also the speakers and HK sound are pretty good, an unexpected bonus.
    jhilker and dc52ltr like this.
    07-07-2017 09:47 AM
  6. ClintRo's Avatar
    Yea, I am not a fan of the EMUI, installed Nova Prime launcher to help with some of that.
    07-17-2017 10:34 AM

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