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    Phone is Huawei p10, using the standard gallery app.

    So here is the situation. I edit a photo within the gallery on my phone, and once saved that photo goes out of order as if it was just taken when i hit save. Huawei phones do not have a sorting option in the gallery, and editing the name of the photo does nothing to fix the order. It might not be a big deal, except when i go to upload the photos to say, Facebook for instance, they retain the new taken date, so any edited photos are out of order in any album I create. Of course you could painstakingly take them onto a computer first and fix the dates etc..., but this behavior is new with the last update, and hasn't happened before it. Is there some option I'm missing to prevent this from happening, or am I stuck with this new ridiculous behavior?

    Thanks in advance for any answers or advice
    07-23-2019 06:01 PM

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