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    I'll not contaminate the thread on photos taken with the Pro, here, but a few images and thoughts. At the bottom, I've left a link to a Flickr album which should let you see the full res images.

    Starting with an OOC JPEG, in HDR mode:

    Thoughts on the camera on the bog standard P20-27444654058_6dce5e70bb_c.jpg

    I'm not too impressed with those. In face, I'm not too impressed with the camera's colour JPEG processing in general. HDR in particular seems to lag quite a bit behind Apple and Google, so this isn't the best package for out of camera images, on a dull day. I quickly started shooting raw. The raw files are rather good, and process nicely in Lightroom CC (which can also take the photos):

    Thoughts on the camera on the bog standard P20-41407131892_04dcdfba4a_b.jpg

    Thoughts on the camera on the bog standard P20-26604981827_4db722de3c_b.jpg

    Thoughts on the camera on the bog standard P20-27605583948_ebcf7a94a6_b.jpg

    Thoughts on the camera on the bog standard P20-39643716580_983033769d_b.jpg

    Recommendations: For normal daylight shooting (i.e. none of the special AI modes required), shoot raw. I've taken raw images using both Lightroom CC and Pro Capture Mode. I've edited photos in both Lightroom CC and Snapped. Lightroom has an automatic setting, called Sensei, under its lighting menu, which usually just gets it right.

    But what about Black and White? It seems that only the Huawei camera app can use the monochrome sensor exclusively. Fortunately, it does a great job - these are some of the most detailed images I've ever had out of a phone.

    Out of camera JPEG, (perhaps over) processed in Snapseed:

    Thoughts on the camera on the bog standard P20-41436559272_1450a86323_b.jpg

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    04-16-2018 03:54 PM
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    Out of camera JPEG with no additional post processing:


    Sorry - Android Central doesn't want to post that image in line (it is safe).

    Link to album:


    Overall thoughts.... Impressive hardware, but the software could be better. I'm particularly impressed with the lenses, for a phone camera - they often produce something of a 3D look to the images taken with them.
    Attached Thumbnails Thoughts on the camera on the bog standard P20-41406363122_a1cb0ec55b_c.jpg  
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    04-16-2018 03:59 PM
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    04-16-2018 04:34 PM
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    Great photos.
    I prefer the design / size of the reg P20, and it clearly takes fantastic shots too.

    Someone did a YouTube vid comparing the reg P20 to the S9 camera, and the P20 generally came out with better results across the board.
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    04-16-2018 04:52 PM
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    I agree! I prefer the actual size of the regular P20 also, and it has a fantastic camera in it's own right. Look for a comparison video on YouTube and you will find it even fared better in some shots to it's bigger brother the P20 Pro. Of course it's down to personal preference at the end of the day but both are top performers if not the best available today.
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    04-17-2018 06:29 PM

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