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    I have been taking some photos using the 3x zoom and what I see on the screen is not what I get when I take the photo. It keeps cropping the top of the image. I have to back up further to get the whole subject in.
    I was just trying to take some product shots of some vitamin bottles and every time I use the 3x zoom (optical zoom so I don't get a warped image) it cuts the top of the image that I am looking at on screen. I take the pic with everything in the viewfinder (screen image) and then I click on the taken image and the top 10 to 15% has been cropped out.
    I tried moving in closer and it didn't crop the image. I then took a series of shots as I moved further out and it didn't crop... including the original position that was being cropped. So it worked by taking those progressive shots. But then I went back into the camera again and tried it from the position I wanted and it cropped again.
    It isn't indicating any type of AI that I can turn off but I am wondering if it recognizing the text on the front of the bottle and then trying to crop things.
    I would love to know how to just take a photo that doesn't get cropped... but still use the optical 3x zoom.
    01-17-2019 02:10 PM

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