1. stickboymusic's Avatar

    I am usually good at working things out and finding answers online but everywhere I look says pinch out for 0.6x zoom (wide angle).

    No matter what mode I am in or what I do I can not get any wider than 1x zoom. (zooming in further works fine)

    I have only tested this since the recent update.

    Can anyone confirm that they have the recent update AND the 0.6x zoom works....and if so what I am doing wrong?
    01-28-2019 09:29 AM
  2. DotsFar's Avatar
    Is this question for the Mate 20 PRO ?
    01-28-2019 10:10 AM
  3. nlm's Avatar
    0.6x/wide angle lens is on the Mate 20 Pro.
    01-28-2019 04:23 PM
  4. stickboymusic's Avatar
    its the P20 Pro

    So I can't do it on here?

    Makes sense!!
    01-29-2019 02:39 AM
  5. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    P20 Pro can only zoom in to 3x optical 5x hybrid and 10x digital zoom
    01-30-2019 10:08 AM

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