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  1. spantch101's Avatar
    Got the update to EMUI while I slept last night. Haven't noticed much yet. Says it upgraded GPU turbo to version 3 maybe I should try some games.
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    08-02-2019 07:12 AM
  2. Elky64's Avatar
    Received yesterday via Telus on my P20 Pro now just waiting for it to land on my P20, latter is usually a week behind for some reason. Haven't toyed with Pro much yet to see what's new but does fell somewhat more snappier.

    Edit... After some rough "side-by-side" comparisons between P20 (9.0) & Pro (9.1) my thoughts of Pro now being speedier may be unfounded as they both still perform very very similar to each other... Never had any complaints with either when it came to speed. The difference may come into play during more intensive operations dunno.

    Although I'm thoroughly happy w/camera(s) was hoping they'd have given us some extra tweaks just cuz lol. Always nice seeing improvements on something that's already stellar imo but doesn't appear there were any. I know we are asking for too much 😉... P30 Pro is tempting but its curved display kills it that thought for me.

    Update... Just received on P20 (Aug 12th), went smooth.
    08-02-2019 10:28 AM
  3. steven booth's Avatar
    Now has WhatsApp notification on the always on display! Finally!
    08-03-2019 05:59 PM
  4. Lucy Davies's Avatar
    Just got the update & not noticed anything yet apart from the apps looking clearer & look more box style. Chrome has gone into a little white box.
    08-12-2019 05:24 AM
  5. Elky64's Avatar
    Any thoughts (good/bad) on this latest EMUI 9.1 update?

    Other than the square icons I am hard pressed to see any improvements whatsoever that benefit my usage, yes menu structure and HiSearch yet neither of those have made a difference here. Both my P20 & Pro feel a smidgen buggier if anything, nothing anywhere near over the top yet have been noticing stability has has taken a wee bit off a hit over EMUI 9.0. The odd momentary freeze, app crash, which was non-existent before the update. Very minuscule in nature but enough so that I've become aware. Also feels like my P20s battery has lost some of its mojo too (Pro so far seems fine). As for those speed improvements, nope not seeing any signs of that either (could actually be a smidgen worse if I were to guess).

    Haven't performed any hard resets yet (not sure I will unless things start to tank), no scientific testing coming to these conclusions, just good ol seat-of-the-pants evaluations which can be just as telling.

    All in all kinda disappointed with Huawei on the update front (even before the hoopla in May). Just too dang slow for one, and their claims of monthly security updates rarely holds true in my camp. Love their hardware but not so sure that'll be enough to keep me in the ring. Might not matter now though as Huawei's questionable future could make the decision for me LOL.
    Today 05:49 PM

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