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    I'd had my phone a "Huawei P30 Pro" for about 9 months then at the beginning of the first lockdown (March 2020) I was called to Italy.
    After a few days there I started to notice that I was having problems connecting my phone with my PCs & Macs using Hisuite?
    I tried revoking HDB Debugging mode, then re-enabling it, I went through all the recommendations that I found online but nothing worked.
    I also uninstalled and reinstalled Hisuite, I reset all settings, I then wiped my phone completely and tried to reinstall it as a new phone hoping that this would work … it didn't.

    Around about that time I got a drone to do some arial photography but could never get the P30 Pro to recognize the drone, it just kept saying that it couldn't find/connect to the device.
    I ended up using my partner's P20 Pro which connected via the same USB cables I had been trying previously and they worked fine it also worked flawlessly with the drone.
    I even went out of my way and bought a 'Huawei P smart Z' to test with and sure enough, it connected and worked perfectly?

    Now even though I had called on a few occasions to Huawei support within the warranty period 'where they didn't help or offer a solution' while I was locked in Italy (looking after relatives) they are now saying that it's out of time and there is nothing they can do.

    My thoughts are that it must be the synch port and perhaps tied into something on the logic board as it is not just USB synching but also when connecting 'Bluetooth?' to the drone which is strange as it connects to other Bluetooth devices, my watch, printer, TV, BPM, etc.

    I love this phone especially the camera/video side to it but now I can no longer get my work off unless I send it to myself which is really cumbersome when you have 2-3 hours worth of 4K video recordings, which I do often.

    The other thing is I really want to use this with my drone but how the heck can I get it to see the device and again I have tried just about everything and used other phones from other manufactures as well as Huawei and all connect/work fine with the drone and USB syncing.

    I myself am a bit of a technical sleuth but this one has me hammered.

    Is there anyone out there who can perhaps shed some light?

    (I am looking for 3 questions answering here.)

    1.what is the probable fault?

    2.what is the repair solution?

    3. how much could it cost?

    I will also try posting this request out on a few other boards and see what comes back.


    01-31-2021 02:22 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I'm guessing it's corrupted firmware. Try reflashing the stock ROM - How to Flash Huawei P30 Pro Stock Firmware is full instructions and ROM downloads. (Back it up first, of course - the instructions for that are on that page too.)
    01-31-2021 02:40 PM

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