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    I have a notification on my Huawei P30 Pro saying that I have less than 10% storage left.

    I went on settings and apps to see what apps I can delete that are taking up space to find that apps I used to have that said 1.8GB for example now say 120MB as their full size instead.

    When I click on them to look at further details it says app size and data size and shows the same there too.

    I don't understand how an app that was 1.8GB a few days ago is now only 120MB.

    One app that is showing oddly is WhatsApp, it shows 115MB (app 59.87MB / data 57.05MB) but if I go to my storage cleaner (built in phone app) it shows me all of the backed up pictures and videos in the WhatsApp data folder that equates to over 2GB so surely under data size in settings it should be showing well over 57.05MB and with backed up gifs, stickers, chats and what ever else it should be well over the 2GB data size.

    All of my apps are having this incorrect file size, I haven't installed any new apps recently or downloaded anything either so I am wondering weather it is due to the last Android update as that wasn't long ago and I haven't been on the app settings since I updated it and before that all was fine.

    Anyone else got the same issue or anyway to resolve it so I can clear a fair amount of space by deleting/uninstalling the things that are using up the most?

    BTW on the cleaner picture the unused apps are any apps not used on that one day for some reason which in my eyes doesn't mean they are unused as some are only used for work on weekdays so that is a bit pointless.
    02-07-2021 03:08 PM

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