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    I've had mine a week now today. Since I charged it last Monday at around 12:00 PM PDT, it's currently sitting at 11% (9:30 AM PDT). Nice looking watch, I had a Moto 360 a few years ago and to be honest the only thing I am really missing on this watch is the ability to take a picture (as a remote shutter button). The GPS works great, I left my phone home and took my dog for a walk to test it out, perfect map of my walk.

    Not much else to say about it. It looks good, battery life is great, there's no reason for me to dial it down ( ie constant heart rate monitor, GPS usage etc) to make it last longer. Weekly charge is far superior to the nightly charge the 360 used to require.

    I find turn by turn navigation directions are pretty useless on a watch, my phone is charging when I'm in my vehicle and mounted so I can see it.

    Answering calls with the watch, also not necessary for me. I either have a bluetooth in my ear or I'm driving and I just hit the answer button on my dash.

    Answering texts on a watch wasn't very good on the Moto 360 so again not a feature I am missing.

    That's my take on the watch.
    05-13-2019 11:38 AM

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