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    So I bought the Huawei p30 because I heard about it's amazing camera, but every picture that I've taken has left me pretty unimpressed. Even taking pictures of my dogs, everything comes out soft and blurry.. my Galaxy s6 took better pictures than my p30. I get tweaking some things on the pro setting, but sometimes I don't have time to adjust each and every setting before the photo opportunity disappears (such as catching a picture of my dogs, or a cute moment between my niece and nephew). I've attached two examples, and while they aren't drastically blurry, they definitely aren't as sharp as I would have expected/hoped from such an advanced phone camera. The first was taken of my snake, who was moving during the shot, but moving very slowly. The second was taken when my friend's puppy stopped moving for a split second.. even when he was sitting still, the sharpness and quality of the main subject of the picture (the puppy) is lacking.

    At this point I'm pretty disappointed and am considering trading in for a Samsung or the new Pixel, but I thought I would try here first.. How do I make the automatic setting take better pictures?
    Attached Thumbnails Why are my pictures always blurry on my p30?-img_20191105_202907.jpg   Why are my pictures always blurry on my p30?-img_20191101_194455.jpg  
    11-06-2019 02:04 PM
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    The snake is definitely sharp, the background isn't. Look up "Depth of field". Brighter light and a slower shutter speed would close the lens opening, resulting in larger DoF.

    Second shot, all I see not crisp is the dog - because that's black on black. The Pixel 3 camera port to the P30 has one function not working so far - the one you need, HDR+. Since it's a Kirin processor, that's still going to take some work.
    11-06-2019 02:49 PM
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    Thank you for the reply!

    I know it seems like nitpicking, because the pictures aren't too bad.. I kind of wish that I hadnt deleted the other 20 shots that I took of the dog and snake before I got the ones that I posted.. I just expected better focus I guess. That being said I have taken some good shots with this camera so far

    The black dog issue is one that I've faced quite a bit, having a black dog myself, so I know it takes a bit of tinkering after the shot in order to see them clearly.. but even if the lighting/contrast needed some work, I've always been able to get a clean shot of the dog itself. With this it seems like even after tweaking the details are blurred.

    For comparison here are some pictures taken of my own black dog with my S6 and S7

    Am I just being overly picky here? Is there a way to set the camera to take a picture faster? So that if the object is moving slightly, the image will be clearer?
    Attached Thumbnails Why are my pictures always blurry on my p30?-fb_img_1573071296028.jpg   Why are my pictures always blurry on my p30?-fb_img_1573071266846.jpg   Why are my pictures always blurry on my p30?-fb_img_1573071243265.jpg  
    11-06-2019 03:20 PM
  4. Redpaul's Avatar
    What mode are you using the camera in? I switched from a Pixel 2 and the P30 Pro camera knocks it out of the park.
    Have you tried using it in AI mode? I find that works very well. I agree with the previous reply, your first photo is depth of field that might be slightly off due to camera movement. Would you have taken that one in portrait mode or aperture mode?
    11-09-2019 09:16 AM

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