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    I’m rocking my P8 from a few months now (I bought it from Carphone warehouse) and I noticed two problems with the display. First – there’s a brighter spot (0,1x0,1” or 2x2mm) clearly visible with white background like browser or settings menu. Second – it’s not exactly flat. Glass is slightly dented near the bezels, dents are clearly visible while looking at something using the glass as a mirror. I heard that quite a lot of people have this issue and it’s impossible to use protective glass right now because it simply won’t stick. Anyonelne has this issue? How’s Huawei’s service? Do they replace the screen or the entire phone? Do they still have spare P8s? (I’m a little bit optimistic here because I heard the LG ran out of replacement G3s and they were giving out the G4s). Thanks.
    06-11-2016 11:10 AM

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