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    I got my P8 Max as a grey import, I believe it is a Chinese version. I needed a dual sim phone and this seemed one of the best options available at the time. Everything was great for the 3 years or so that I have had the phone until an update of some kind arrived, I tried to avoid launching the update but somehow after a couple of weeks it sneaked through and turned my P8 Max into a Phone. Nothing much else, just a phone. Sending and receiving texts was not always faster than the postal service. Gmail, Google Maps etc all stopped working, battery life could be measured in minutes rather than hours.
    I backed everything up with the Huawei software and did a factory reset. The phone now flies again, battery life is great and the P8 Max has discovered that it is indeed SMART again apart from one big issue. Google is not supported on this device. Having searched around online it seems to be something to do with EMUI ver 4.0.3.
    I have no Google Play Services installed anymore, all Google icons have vanished and I have no way to download them.
    I'm aware that this issue is not with the P8 Max alone, does anyone have a solution as to how to reintroduce Google to my phone.


    10-12-2018 10:59 PM
  2. Nazzee's Avatar
    Did you find a solution mine wont do anythi g google either!
    02-26-2019 11:45 PM
  3. Jay3388's Avatar
    New version ROM, DAV-703LC233B229 came by OTA.
    Update with this then install GooglePlay APK file, now I can use all Google services.
    Pls try the same on your device.
    03-27-2019 08:45 PM

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