1. Dima_G's Avatar
    Hey people,
    Kudos for the wonderful work in this forum, first of all!

    Bought a new P9 and there's a constant problem where Mute is pressed when screen is off (or in pocket) while on call / same for pause in music player (VLC).

    touch disable mode is turned on in the settings btw,
    I also downloaded 2 apps which should keep the phone locked in pocket and they don't really help

    I really don't know what else to to do...

    02-02-2019 07:02 AM
  2. Dima_G's Avatar
    Quick update:

    Experimented with the phone today and found out it's probably a problem with the earbud with mic I'm having, also tested the phone with another pair and same problem.
    It seems that the mic-button is pressed somehow, triggered by the touchscreen.
    I don't know, maybe the P9 is only compatible to Huawei earbud+mic...

    Anyone else experienced something similar?
    02-03-2019 03:48 PM

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