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    I've had my Huawei Watch for some time, but now I've got a problem with alarms not going off reliably at the correct time.

    My normal routine is to put the watch on charge when I get home from work, and then put it on before I go to bed (when it's fully charged) and when I'm in bed, switch to theater mode. I'm relying on the alarm to get me up the next morning.

    In theater mode the alarm will only be vibration, no sound even though sound is set. Is this correct? I remember that I used to get sound and vibration some time ago, maybe before the upgrade to Wear OS, not sure.

    The major problem is that the vibration has become very unreliable. This morning my alarm was set for 06:30, yet I was woken up by intermittent vibrations at 06:33. I don't know if it was vibrating at all before this. I didn't turn the alarm off, I waited and saw that it was vibrating once or twice and then stopping. After some time, it would vibrate again, some times once, sometimes more than once. It appears to be completely random. The previous morning it didn't wake me at all, but in the notifications it said there was a missed alarm.

    Sitting here now, if I set an alarm for a couple of minutes time, it works perfectly, so I'm really confused why it doesn't work in the morning.

    Any ideas?
    04-12-2018 04:13 AM

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