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    Hi guys, first post here (been webos member for a while).
    I just received my Huawei P1 white/black from Honk Kong and I absolutely love it (way better than Galaxy Nexus that I have returned back to Google). I am new to android, coming from Symbian and WebOS I am used to problem free core functions (but tons of bugs with the extras). The android seems to be opposite way - they fix the less important, but "flashy" things first, rather than core functions.
    So this is what I experienced in my second day:
    I was on its second charge today when the phone suddenly died at battery level 25% (no warnings). Then I plugged in the charger - it displayed 0% (phone off, big indicator). After less than a minute it came back on - battery indicator clearly around 25%. I checked the battery stat and I saw a sudden gap in the graph - like a edge of the Grand Canyon . I unplugged the charger a minute later. The phone died again in 3 minutes. Plugged in back in - it showed 25% (while off).

    What I have done so far - as soon as I unboxed the phone I've updated to the newest firmware (it was pluged in, but it was not fully charged yet). After that 2 charges - thats it.
    Should I be concerned? Is it a common bug ? Will it be fixed/calibrated after a few cycles?

    P.S. If someone has any questions about the device, feel free to ask. I rated it very very high (hopefully that battery issue will be resolved). I also thing a sub forum should be open for P1/P1s P1XL
    08-12-2012 12:46 AM
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    For those who wonder, After 2-3 more cycles it does ~2% now.
    08-13-2012 01:40 PM