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    hi there I have been an avid phone user for a while now the wife would go as far to say that I had an addiction I keep swapping and changing trying to find that balance but to no avail .... that was until I came across the Huawei range

    I was using a galaxy s3 mini at the time not bad but it seemed to enjoy playing up a lot so I needed a new phone and didn't have the cash to splash on anything exotic then a came across an add for the Huawei ascend y300
    4 inch screen android jelly bean
    5mp camera with flash front camera and hd recording
    4gb memory with card slot for up to 32gb
    dual core processor and more all for 59.95 via o2 pay as you go upgrade and at first I will admit I was sceptical such an impressive spec sheet for such little money but I took the risk and bought one
    when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised the build quality for what it cost was great it felt sturdy not cheap and it looked great once I had set it up and got round to downloading all my apps and what not I realised just how good the ascend y300 really was I did a test against my sons xperia u similar spec but double the cost and the y300 beat it hands down in every way so I tested it against a work mates s3 mini (comparing with the way the one I had wouldn't have been fair as it didn't work right) and again the y300 proved more than a match this phone was impressing me more and more by the minute even my son scrapped his xperia u in favour of a y300
    then I discovered others in the Huawei range and after saving I got an ascend p2 (my wife happily took the y300 as she loves it) now I know the p2 is in a totally different price range but my lord I can see why
    from the box it was really exciting, firstly upon opening its a great looking device perfect size with a 4.7″ IPS LED screen and desirably thin 8.4mm (not as thin as the P6 but still slim enough to matter).

    I couldnt believe how much it weighed either for its size its extremely light you hardly notice its there in your pocket but dont let that fool you as the build quality is amazing for such a light device, its has a strong feel to it, the plastic back may make it seem a little cheap looking to some but its performance takes your mind off that soon enough.

    So today I had to go out and endure the perils of clothes shopping so the perfect outdoor test for the P2 firstly as it was a bright day the screen managed really well in bright light and was visible unlike most others I have tried, using not being at home ment that its next challenge was downloading my apps using the 3g (the phone is 4g cat4 LTE compatible but its not yet available on O2 so I will need to wait to test it fully) but the 3G held up really well all apps were downloaded and installed in record time, I was really impressed and as I took it straight from the box and it only had 68% battery when I left the battery was still on 44% when I returned home after being out from 12:30pm till 19:30pm and using the phone almost constant the android 4.1.2 coupled with Huaweis emotion u 1.6 works really well and everything transitions smoothly when youre floating from app to app the keyboard is well laid out for typing so messaging isnt a chore and I could possibly benefit from androids 4.2.2 but its still capable and battle ready with what it has

    So far it turns out its great looking its lightweight and durable it performs excellent and the battery can last but it doesnt end there.

    We took some pictures and videos when out, and the 13mp camera really takes a great picture and also great HDR video footage certainly one of if not the best cameras I have ever used on a device. The 1.3mp front camera is really handy for self portraits as well (not the same league as the P6 but enough to count).

    Overall I would say that the Huawei Ascend P2 is a great device and has to be taken seriously as a contender to all the other smartphones in its range on the market, if I had to pick any faults it would only be the lack of a Micro SD card slot but the on board memory of 16gb with 12gb available to the user and 1gb of ram is more than enough. So the Huawei Ascend P2 ticks most of the boxes that the other brands do and proves that Huawei are edging the right way at cracking the higher end of the smartphone market but if your not put off by the less known brand and fancy a 4g handset that can cut the mustard with the big boys at two thirds of the cost then i would say its well worth looking at!

    and with other flagship models hitting the market such as the stunningly slim p6 at only 6.18mm thinit has a 4.7" screen 8gb memory 8mp rear camera and a whopping 5mp front camera android 4.2.2 ' quad core and the ascend mate phablet with 6.1" screen and similar spec to the p6 (minus the front camera) I believe these handsets to be genuine contenders in there field especially as the p6 and p2 prices fall around atleast 200 less than its rivals such as the htc one galaxy s4 and others sim free the p2 is around 380 and sim free the p6 is 329.95

    I never thought I would see the day I was happy with a handset but it arrived and I hope others who read this discover the same thing I did it also shows craftsmanship and quality don't have to cost the earth
    07-30-2013 04:21 AM

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