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    Yes, I'm another new guy asking about the Huawei Ascend Plus. I was wondering if these phones always have issues with things like, sometimes after i make a call, the on screen keypad doesnt work. Ill go to text or go to type in something to search in the search bar on an internet browser and nothing happens. I use the swiping method alot and you can, for a second, see the word and suggested words you swiped, in the suggestion boxes and then they disappear. I dont get why this happens. I usually have to restart my phone. Another issue, is sometimes when I make a call, it wont do anything. Literally. It leaves the dial screen and goes back to the main menu desktop screen. I think the phone runs REALLY slow because I have found out that eventaully it will make the call. At one point, I got fed up with trying to get it to dial and put it in my pocket, only to hear five minutes later someone answering. The phone had finally dialed out but it took ALONG TIME. Are these two issues normal?
    04-10-2014 06:48 PM

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