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    The Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal screen protector is a totally transparent, untextured, dry-apply, washable/reusable screen protector.

    I wanted a Steinheil Crystal Clear protector because I've just seen so many people swearing by them. But at least at the time I ordered, they didn't yet make one for the Incredible 2. A mod over at the Phandroid forums (in a post I now can't find) recommended Boxwave. From my research, it sounds similar to the Steinheil. I knew what I didn't want was one of the rubber ones that I read were not slick enough to swipe on very well (e.g. Zagg, Skinomi, Phantomskinz). I also didn't want one of the anti-glare ones because people complained about the screen image not being so clear anymore. And I didn't want one of the wet-apply ones just on principle. Others sounded like nightmares to put on, with bubbles and dust stuck under the screen and not coming out.

    I'll edit this review later if needed but so far mine is great. It went on very easily. I smoothed out all the bubbles but still had a couple of specks of dust. So I peeled up a corner and dabbed those areas with Scotch tape. That got rid of those things but in the process put some smudges on. So I peeled it back up, wiped those with the included microfiber cloth, put it back down, swiped out a couple of bubbles and now it's perfect.

    I think the surface is ever so slightly less glide-y than the original glass when I am swiping with the flat of my finger as opposed to the tip. With the tip I really notice no difference.

    I hear that covers made from plastic like this one and the Steinheil scratch easily [confirmed!]. I'm not terribly worreid about that given that I bought it to take the scratches so the screen wouldn't have to take them, but I suppose if it gets all scratched up, I won't want to look at that. The ones made from rubber apparently either don't scratch at all or if they do are actually self healing. I've read several surprised accounts of that. So I guess it's a tradeoff.

    All in all I'm glad to have it. Along with a skin case that I also got from Boxwave, I now feel protected, at least from minor wear and tear. Major drops may still be an issue but I'm better off than I was naked.


    Okay first edit, fingerprint oil seems to show up more on the Boxwave cover than on the naked screen. So you see rainbow swirl smears.

    Scratches! After armoring up my Incredible 2 with a semisoft case and a screen protector, I felt like I didn't need to baby it anymore, so I stopped worrying about carrying it in a pocket with anything else in it. Big mistake. After only one short trip in my pocket alongside my keys, this Boxwave screen cover scratched, just like I'd heard the plastic-based ones would. It's very noticeable and slightly obscures my clock area. Not a huge deal and I'm glad the cover took the damage and not the screen, but booo. Do not want. It's not enough to make me buy a new cover, but if I get more scratches I'll try out one of the rubber-based ones that apparently are self-healing in terms of scratches.
    05-19-2011 10:23 PM