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    Ok so I hear that the DInc2 is a little more complicated to root, install custom Recovery, and flash Roms/Kernels.

    Can anyone give me a simple how to? Im fairly familiar with a lot of terms and flashing. I'm coming from the Samsung Fascinate forums and I went trigger happy with all the goodies they have over there.

    I just want to know what steps to achieve root, what is S-off, and whats the opinions on the few ROMs i see posted here.

    Thanks in Advance
    08-01-2011 11:42 AM
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    The Dinc2 isn't hard to root at all. First you'll need to have Froyo (2.2) because Gingerbread (2.3) is unrootable at the moment. Check to see if your phone is S-OFF by holding down the volume and power button at the same time from when its off, and make sure fast boot is disabled. If it's S-ON, you need to gain S-OFF by using AlphaRevX, or what is now Revolutionary (revolutionary.io). That should give you the option to install ClockworkMod Recovery. Then download and install a root file such as the one from here ([GUIDE] How To Install ClockworkMod - xda-developers) and that also explains ClockworkMod. Now you are rooted and ready to go!

    As for ROMs, first off make sure you download ROM Manager from the Android Market. That app is a necessity. Then search for ROMs there or over the internet. CyanogenMod 7 is good but for me, I didn't like it because it was pure Android, not HTC at all. The ROM I have is for HTC Sense 3.0. Search around and find what you like. And if you need anything let me know.
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    08-01-2011 03:52 PM
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    If the update starts downloading (mine didn't give me the option, it just started on its own ) turn off the phone. I had to catch it 3 times before it finally gave up. No other way to cancel it other than powering off.

    edit: the OTA GB update, I mean. Don't EVER power cycle during something you're doing on purpose!
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    08-02-2011 12:07 AM
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    unfortunately my DInc2 came preloaded with gingerbread. Guess i gotta play the waiting game now.
    08-02-2011 11:59 AM
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    I am in the same boat. GB installed while the phone was in my pocket while I drove home from the VZW store. Was bummed, but it is a sweet phone still. However, I am hoping the devs still get cracking on teh GB DINC 2 as I think there are a lot of us waiting.....
    08-02-2011 01:45 PM
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    how do Devs figure out how to crack the device. are there any tools, methods, or things to look for. I would loveee to start learning how to do all these dev things.
    08-02-2011 06:19 PM