1. dtbingle's Avatar
    Just about every discussion or post about the Incredible 2 HD Rls 1.1 rom says the battery life is great, but for me it is very poor after flashing to this rom a few days ago. I'm trying to figure out what is causing this. I have auto-sync off and enable always-on mobile data off. No GPS, no BT, etc. The only thing on is just mobile network (3G). I used a task manager to see if any weird applications were running in the background and nothing was. I used to have MIUI 12.9 on my phone before and the battery life was amazing with the same applications installed, but the quiet call volume was getting irritating. With the Incredible 2 HD Rls 1.1 rom, I went from 100% down to 92% overnight while sleeping for 6 hours, and then from 730am to 1030am I lost 25% more only using my phone to send about 15-20 text messages and checking the weather once. This doesn't seem right at all. Any suggestions?
    07-19-2012 10:21 AM
  2. djaquez21's Avatar
    Sounds like a bad flash. Try wiping and reinstalling.
    07-22-2012 03:30 AM
  3. dtbingle's Avatar
    Hmmm already tried that. Going to return to stock and relock then try to get s-off before wiping and reinstalling everything again. We will see lol
    07-22-2012 11:08 PM
  4. djaquez21's Avatar
    Well, different ROMs give different battery life, and every phone will run it a little differently, giving a variation of results. I've had ROMs where people got great battery life when mine was crap. But try MikRunny for Sense 3.5 as Incredible 2 HD is quite a bit more outdated.

    Oh and I wouldn't go all the way back to stock and S-OFF, just because that won't really solve your battery problem, assuming that's your reason for doing so of course.
    07-23-2012 05:11 AM
  5. Im A Nerd's Avatar
    If you have alot of apps you're not using running in the background this can seriously effect the battery life. I always force stop the ones i'm not using (exept system apps like framework etc)
    07-23-2012 06:14 AM