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    I keep seeing methods for 1 click root or quick easy root but they are never for the Dinc2.

    Is it because many phone nerds skipped this phone for one of the LTE phones that came out around the same time?

    It's a solid little phone.. I'd just like to remove bloatware, htclinkify and run stock ICS.

    Is there a complete idiots guide to this? I've seen several tutorials and videos of different ways but there are always a few key steps that I just don't fully understand. Is it asking too much to get a thorough broken down set of instructions not only saying what to do ie: "then just copy all this from this thing and paste it into this thing" but explain what each thing is and why it's there. I just can't afford to be that reckless with my phone.

    Thanks - hopeless old guy

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    09-21-2012 09:34 PM
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    What up eastbay! Im laughing with you on this one. I came from the land of webOS and found that way easier. Having said that, if you look at my thread "cant get s-off- double check me" you will see that I have had some issues with my phone as of late. I was stuck in bootloop for over a week, and the only way to use my phone was to reflash a stock zip. then it would be like out of the box, I would set it up, accounts apps, etc. If I shut it off, it would boot loop, then I would reflash stock....you get the picture Im lucky I have a work cell to forward my number to, while I play with mine.
    If your not comfortable copying and pasting in a command prompt, then I would say dont do it. Using a prompt is old school, but it is the foundation of running script. The guys at XDA(comprehensive is where you find tacoroot) have really broken things down for you to get all the information, but there are things that are not matching up when you do the process. Ill explain that in a minute.
    Before you do anything, you need to determine what software and android versions you have. If you have 2.3.4 with a 6.xx.x.x.x.x something, you cannot use the "one click" method of the hack-vivow.cmd You will need to use the "tacoroot" method. Yes this is a downgrade process. I used the HTC dev unlocker before it, and after doing so, I highly recommend NOT doing it.
    If you go that far, with the taco, the last step where it tells you to flash a radio to the newest version to eliminate bootloop(it included the zip in the download) it doesnt flash, fails. It took me a week to find that I could put it on my sdcard(the radio zip) and just launch the phone to the bootloader, and let it zip itself. Done, no more bootloop.then just remove any PGIMG32.zips off the sdcard, except for roms that you want to flash through recovery. I even had s-off with the bootloop issue, so I wanst all the way rooted, without that radio update. Before that I thought I was done.....even checking craigs list for a phone till the samsung note2 came out, then paying full price due to stupid contract(never again).
    Now that I know that one trick, about the radio fixing bootloop, I flashed my GF's dinc2 this am in an hour. No issues. Its like watching the Matrix movie, you dont think its possible, untill your in it for awhile(a week for me, as a noob) then your a super user! lol.
    You really dont need to know why thats there or what it does. Just read, read, read. Then re read. The xda comprehensive is full of all the info to get you to the end, save that last radio step. XDA isnt a idiots guide, so its hard to navigate untill you get familar with the terms. If you do the downgrade, before you flash a rom, make a damn backup in recovery!!!! it saved my ***.
    With all that I went through, help from the forums, I think its time to donate to the cause.....these guys have put all the leg work down for us, and thanks to them for that! Good luck
    09-22-2012 09:51 AM

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