1. XCalibration17's Avatar
    Why is it taking so long to get this rooted? Isn't almost the same phone as the Thunderbolt but without 4g and a smaller screen? Idk, it just doesn't make sense I guess. I love this phone but I really want root on it. Please tell me someone is working on it. I wish I knew how or I totally would. Please let me know.
    06-16-2011 09:10 PM
  2. applejacks108's Avatar
    they had a demo Thunderbolt for a long time before the release so they got to work on it for a while. so they had a head start. yes their specs are about the same but i don't know how much that matters. lastly there are alot of people working on it. currently they're working on the icnredible S. which is the foreign version of Dinc 2 and very similar. They recently beta tested their IncS root and it worked on 25/25 pones so hopefully its coming soon.
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    06-17-2011 06:12 AM
  3. Forgetful's Avatar
    Sooooooo excited for root.
    06-17-2011 09:43 PM
  4. twoonwon's Avatar
    Eagerly anticipating Root for DINC2
    06-25-2011 03:22 PM