1. Moondoggy's Avatar
    have not even received my Incredible but I'm trying to determine the value of clear skin screens. Some say the Incredible has Gorilla Glass and that a Skin screen is a waste of money. Others have said that the Incredible doesn't have Gorillia Glass, it's just regular glass that can easily scratch and that therefore a skin screen is valuable. Can existing ownsers weigh in on how scratch resistant/scratch proof the screen really is and whether a screen skin has value?

    Also for those that do use a screen skin what seeme to be the best? I've read about Clear Coat, Invisashield and Skinomi and other "wet" screen skins but which one is best and why? Based on my reading it looks like Clear Coat takes less time to fully setup but that doesn't make it the best.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    06-27-2010 12:52 AM
  2. Qazme's Avatar
    I've had mine since 4/30 so that should give you an idea of how much it's been used and "abused". I've had it from time to time on a pocket with keys and change, I've laid it face down on tables and desks etc. I've dropped it about 3 times, two times on tile once on concrete, two of those times it landed face down and slide a bit. With all that being said I don't even have small scratches much less something you can see.

    In my opinion it's not worth it so far. Some people have had lesser issues and it fully cracked the screen. There will be a noticeable, albeit you will get used to it, tactile difference between the naked screen and having a protector. So bottom line is this, do you currently or have you in the past used a screen protector and liked it? If you did then get it. If you didn't then skip it. If you haven't ever tried one and have the cash get one and try it, worst case scenario you don't like it and take it off.

    It's all up to you, but I will suggest if you get one don't get one from Verizon, get an expensive on that will still feel close to the naked screen.
    06-27-2010 03:28 AM
  3. jeff327's Avatar
    I had the Inc since the first day is was available. I have never scratched the screen yet I decided on Friday to put a shield over my screen. I even had Best Buy do it for me. Well, I just pulled it off this morning. It never felt right, the sensitivity of the screen was noticeably less and at certain angles you could see creases in the screen. I suggest you do not use one.
    06-27-2010 07:35 AM
  4. rpfarrah's Avatar
    FWIW, I always use a protector. There are at least 2 threads around here talking about this. Look 'em up.
    06-27-2010 08:44 AM
  5. rabernet's Avatar
    I tried the Steinhill (sp?) and I had it on for about three weeks before I removed it. It was applied and was crystal clear like the claim, I just didn't like the tactile feel of it, so I removed it and I've been going naked ever since. I've had the phone since a day before the release, and I don't have a scratch on the screen.
    06-27-2010 09:59 AM
  6. TexasDroid's Avatar
    I can definitively say that glass on the INC is not gorilla glass.

    The screen on my INC developed 2 faint scratches about 3 weeks after I received it. I have never dropped this phone nor put it anywhere that I thought it would get scratches.

    Not wanting more scratches to develop, I went into Best Buy and had one of the Zagg Invisashields put on. The first couple of days the screen was "grippy" and somewhat difficult to slide my fingers across, but now about 10 days later, it is smooth.

    I honestly cannot tell a difference in the sensitivity of the touch screen with the protector on.

    I would recommend that if you want your screen to look good for as long as possible that you get some kind of screen protector.
    06-27-2010 10:27 AM
  7. makya53's Avatar
    I got my ZAGG 2 days before the phone came out slapped it on that night and my phones been great. I just put a scratch in it and logged on to the ZAGG site selected my old order and the reason now I just got my email confirmation that my new one will be on its way. My screen would have been screwed if I didn't have it on there when it hit that sharp rebar.
    06-27-2010 10:33 AM
  8. babracmmm's Avatar
    This is all very subjective. The "best" way is go naked. I've tried Zagg and did not like it. I've had the Steinhill crystal for a month now. I haven't noticed much finger drag, but there is some rainbowing from finger and face oil (which easily wipes off). I've seen the video of the guy abusing the screen and others testimony of no scratches; however, there are those who say they do have scratches. I decided to put up with a little loss of feel with a prophylactic. I would rather not find out if the screen will scratch.
    06-27-2010 10:41 AM
  9. Qazme's Avatar
    I can definitively say that glass on the INC is not gorilla glass.
    You do realize Gorilla Glass can still be scratched.....it's resistant not impervious.
    06-27-2010 04:18 PM