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    Started off with Stable 7.1, NFL would not stream videos and I could not connect to iheartradio.
    Flashed 258 (the last release dated Nov 16th) and iheartradio now works but NFL still does not stream, also now I cannot sent txt messages on GVoice app.

    Are these issues just with my phone or this release? Is their a nightly that might work for iheartradio, NFL, and GVoice that you can recommend?

    Am I correct that if I wipe and install 7.1 then flash 258, or any nightly over top and just wipe the (Davik or whatever it is) that I will be ok or do I need to wipe everything every time I want to change the nightly?

    Thanks all!!!
    12-03-2011 10:13 AM