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    oh. i'm stupid.
    i'm really sorry for wasting forum space.
    i overlooked the partitions management section where it allowed me to unmount/mount the sd card and get it properly installed. I'm all set now!
    maybe this tip can help someone in the future?

    So, it's 3am and I'm in the process of putting Jager ROM on my rooted Incredible. I'm part way through with the unrEVOked recovery reflash tool (ClockworkMod Recovery v2.0.1.3) for Mac that is updated to work on Incredible. I've backed up my nand with nandroid, but it's (stupidly) on a different SDCard. I have the Jager ROM on a 2gb card and my nand backup is on my 8gb card. Jager failed writing BOOT (line 393 or something like that) My worry/question is, if I pull that SD Card and swap it for the 8gb one, it wont let me recover back to the nand backup because it doesn't refresh the card contents. Before I realized that, I reformated the 2gb card and put Jager on it again - thinking maybe it was corrupt. Now it says: E: Can't open /sdcard/update.zip (bad) Installation aborted.

    If I "restart system now" will it brick my phone or will I be able to use the recovery reflash tool to get back into ClockworkMod Recovery?

    Please help! I'm afraid of bricking my phone. lol

    I just need to know if I can restart my phone and get back into the process without it becoming a paperweight?

    Thanks guys!
    07-02-2010 02:06 AM