1. Todd M's Avatar
    Just curious if anyone else is seeing this issue with Virtuous and Dropbox. This was working fine until I loaded 3.0, and now it appears broken.

    When trying to view a video (streamed) from my Dropbox account, I get an error message that states "Video is not for streaming play. Would you like to download the file?" I have 3 video files that played fine before I loaded the ROM, so I am wondering if there is a player/codec issue with either the ROM or my load. A stock Incredible plays the files fine, as well as a friend's stock X.

    Does anyone else that uses DB have this issue? The Streaming Media Player seems to not function correctly. There is an icon that pops up when viewing the Recent Apps, but it will not play any file that I throw at it now.
    10-07-2010 05:58 AM
  2. Todd M's Avatar
    I guess it must be on my end since no one has seen an issue like this. I wish I could uninstall/reinstall the HTC Streaming Media Player, but that isn't an option. I think it's something with the streaming, and might not be related only to Dropbox. But, then again, it could be me/my phone.
    10-07-2010 09:19 PM