04-30-2013 03:22 PM
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  1. gypstqueen's Avatar
    Its stuck on this or just taking for ever but it said just this for like ten mins
    07-25-2012 11:57 PM
  2. piizzadude's Avatar
    no you are good...it takes awhile to flash...up to 30-45 minutes...as long as it isnt red on the COM, you are fine
    07-26-2012 12:00 AM
  3. piizzadude's Avatar
    from what I see there, it is going nicely...make sure you do not take the cord out
    07-26-2012 12:00 AM
  4. gypstqueen's Avatar
    The suspense is killing me.!.!.!.
    07-26-2012 12:01 AM
  5. piizzadude's Avatar
    yeah I know what you mean. I have done this a 1000 times, including 2 times today because I was bored but each time the wait is the worst.
    07-26-2012 12:06 AM
  6. gypstqueen's Avatar
    Okay so if we forgot to click re-partiton is it going to eff it up...
    Its my sister n I tryna fix it n were not um this stuff illiterate
    07-26-2012 12:06 AM
  7. gypstqueen's Avatar
    07-26-2012 12:07 AM
  8. piizzadude's Avatar
    well it is gonna depend on how f'd up it was from the first attempt that you tried. I am going to take a guess and say that if it was screwed up, when it grabbed the pit file, it wouldn't match with the phone and would have failed right there. I think you are ok.

    is it moving at all?
    07-26-2012 12:09 AM
  9. gypstqueen's Avatar
    Really, well if u get bored tomorrow you should let me know how to root my phone n make it badass lmao thanks for helping for real
    07-26-2012 12:10 AM
  10. gypstqueen's Avatar
    No its not moving at all God this sucks ahhhhhh

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    07-26-2012 12:11 AM
  11. gypstqueen's Avatar
    It hasn't said failed yet

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    07-26-2012 12:12 AM
  12. piizzadude's Avatar
    well if that file I gave you flashes properly, you will be rooted.

    The file you are flashing is the original file, but with root added. You will be able to take the bloatware off by uninstalling it without issue. Just be sure you know what files are safe to remove
    07-26-2012 12:14 AM
  13. gypstqueen's Avatar
    Okay thank u again

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    07-26-2012 12:20 AM
  14. piizzadude's Avatar
    how are we doing?
    07-26-2012 12:49 AM
  15. Cranky's Avatar
    5 days now????
    07-31-2012 02:00 PM
  16. skinflap's Avatar
    I have tried everything and anything to get my phone to go into download mode but all it does is turn on flash service provider then samsung then repeat, I have tried to hold buttons and insert plug with the correct drivers but still all \i get is the exact same thing. When I plug in the phone it goes to charge for a split second then disconnect its the same when u hook it up to the computer... IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    03-13-2013 06:55 PM
  17. shawnandashley's Avatar
    Did you pull the battery? And try putting it in download mode?

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    04-30-2013 03:22 PM
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