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    So far I am liking Ingress. I like how they tied a majority of the portals in my area, and I assume most areas, to historical markers and/or places of historical significance. There is even a portal at the front door of my office building! I can see how this could possibly get people interested in the history of their area. I believe I do have a one up on others in the area though being that my employer is the one responsible for ok'ing the historical markers. I have noticed that a few of the portals are on the wrong side of the road. For instance the post office in my hometown has the portal in the parking lot of the sherwin williams across the highway instead.

    As for actual gameplay, it seems like it could eventually get boring if all we have to do is capture portals and such. Where I think this game would excel is with something like Google Glass. Now that would be awesome! I really need more people to play with/against in my area but invites are a pain to get right now. I do wish that the circle that you have to be within to do anything to a portal would grow as you advance through the levels. For some of the portals around here 35 meters is getting too close to stuff that should be off limits.

    Just my $0.02 so far.
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    12-04-2012 04:39 PM

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